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New Website provides a portal, direct link connection to the online publications and news organizations, saving valuable search time

San Pedro, CA — October 17, 2000 — A new website, Media Links Now ( goes online. Media Links Now provides Internet users with the links they require and rely on for all the diverse topics and information sites one needs to stay informed in today.s fast pace, ever changing world.

Media Links Now focuses exclusively on delivering the best search experience to the online World Wide Web of resource references. Media Links Now provides a media search capability on every page so you can get to any publication in any category at any time. Focusing its links on publications that provide quality content that is regularly updated Media Links Now will be one of your favorite bookmarks.

Media Links Now helps the professional career minded and students find the information they're looking for with unprecedented levels of ease, accuracy, and relevancy. Media Links Now delivers its free service to individuals and enterprises by providing extensive category listings of the publications and news organizations that are available on the World Wide Web.

Media Links Now has more then 7,100 links, more are being added everyday, of financial, technology, industrial, newspapers and magazines, network news stations, entertainment, catalogs and directories from around the world.

That.s why we say Media Links Now . Your Link to the Media World....