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A text link on the bottom of homepage $40.00
A banner ad at the top of homepage $75.00
A banner ad at the bottom of homepage $55.00
A box ad on homepage $45.00
A banner ad on top or bottom of any category page $60.00
A box ad on any category page $35.00
A text link on the bottom of any category page $20.00
Company listing with web link in company directory $95.00 / Year
Super ALT Tag mouse over pop-up description for link $175.00 / Year
Super ALT Tag up to 80 Character/ 20 word description of your company or website . This will help the 40 thousand visitors to Media Links Now each month see a description of your company/magazine and guide them to your site.

Sample of our Super ALT Tag or mouse over pop-up description:

We are offering this Super ALT Tag up to 80 Character/ 20 word description  for $175.00 a year per listing.

Banner and box ads spec's:
Banners can be graphics-free text banners (like Link of the Month) or you can supply them.
Banner ad size should be 468x60
Box ad size should be 125x125
Jpg or gif files 50kb or smaller

  • We require to start a minimum of 3 months in a row to be paid up front.  Each month after that can be paid month by month.
  • Ads posting date begins the date payment is received and cleared.
  • All ad positions are first come first reserved.
  • Ads will only be reserved for five working days from order date. If payment is not received within this timeframe the ad position will be released to the next requestor.
  • Acknowledgment and Invoices will only be sent by e-mail.



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